About Me

I am an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Miami University. My research is in noncommutative algebra and noncommutative invariant theory.

I live in Oxford, OH with my wife (a writer and adjunct instructor at Miami), my daughter, and my pug. When we aren't pursuing our own academic interests, we might be found in uptown Oxford, travelling, or maybe just staying in and playing video games. Here is a family portrait by my (then) four-year-old daughter (I'm the one with little hair). For a slightly more accurate depiction, here is an artistic rendering of me by Rob Won. Though I think it makes me look a little too much like my thesis advisor Allen Bell.

Before I came to Miami, I had postdoctoral stints at Wake Forest University and the University of California, San Diego. I earned my doctorate at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. You can see my math genealogy. Before all this, I taught high school math in Baltimore City and Baltimore County public schools. I still maintain an interest in issues related to secondary education.

Math stuff and diversions on the interwebs

Here is a talk on (quantum) symmetry that I gave in MTH 147/190. For those with a little bit of algebra knowledge, here are notes from a talk I gave on quantum symmetry for Pi Mu Epsilon.

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Office: Bachelor 230

Email: gaddisj@miamioh.edu